Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking Back at 2009

When I downloaded a picture of my Christmas Cactus, I found that I had some pictures of projects I hadn't shared with you in 2009! The Halloween container is a recycled bread crumb can wrapped in two layers of ephemera on background paper and stamping on acetate. I filled it with treats and sent it on its merry way to my bestest bud, Tumbleweed Tess. I'm working on emptying can #2 but it's going to be a while since I don't make meat loaf very often any more (John-boy complained about too many onions and wanted me to make it without ANY onions so I'm on strike).

The next thing I found on the camera is my last entry for PageDwellers in the "Anything Goes" category. I decided that fabric and embroidery (in a pink theme) would be my offering. They made it to Australia and Texas is good shape!

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