Sunday, September 07, 2008

God Bless America and God Bless OSU!

We had a terrific time at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY football game on Saturday for Alumni Weekend. Archie Griffin spoke at the Stadium Dorm Alumni meeting which was exciting and we saw a winning game. It was HOT and of course crowded. I'm the one in the red. Ü

I took these pictures a few weeks ago when the moon was just so big and yellow. It was a beautiful summer evening, no humidity, no bugs--just a lovely little breeze and me and my camera. I could have stayed outside all night but I'm afraid of the skunks, the deer and the coyotes. Ü It's nice to know when you look up at the moon, you're seeing the same thing. Reminds me of an old Camp Newaygo song:

Bed is too hard for my tiredness.
I'll take a hill soft with trees.
Tuck a cloud up under my chin.
Lord, blow the moon out, please.

Labor Day Labor

I started this table runner for my mom a few weeks ago thinking that it would be an easy project and something patriotic for this Labor Day weekend. I never dreamed it would take as much time as it did! Look's not quilted but woven. It required lots and lots of fabric tubes sewn up and turned inside out and three layers of weaving. Ten horizontal rows (one white, two blue, one white, two blue, etc.) and then a layer of rows woven on the diagonal facing left and a third layer on the diagonal facing right. The directions were nearly impossible to understand. I gave up many times. Mom gave up completely and I was about to trash the entire lot of fabric (about five yards) but I just couldn't let it go. It was like a jigsaw puzzle that occupies every brain cell. It was all consuming....I did not want to give in and finally I figured it out. Don't ask me how...I just did. I will never ever ever make another one! It does look beautiful on her table and she's proud to have it.