Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phyllis's Birthday Apron

I like the idea of a 'carpenter's apron' for flea market expert sellers like my aunt, Phyllis (affectionately known as 'Fiddle')so I whipped one up in just a few hours (with Mom's help). Here it is along with the card I created from an old picture I had taken of her (as you can see, in 1967)!

Tess's Birthday Creation

Well, I sort of went crazy with a sewing theme for this year's birthday creation for my BFF, Tesse. I enjoyed making it and look forward to more time in the studio to do some more collage/assemblage/mixed media/stuff. :-)

A Florida Find!

On Mom's yardsale adventures in Florida this past January, she came across a selection of jars filled with my kind of stuff. Each was color coordinated so she brought me the RED one. It was so much fun dumping it out and discovering what was inside. I couldn't get everything back in the jar to show it off as it arrived but you get the idea. I don't know when I'll ever use anything in it but knowing that it might contain just that perfect embellishment I need for a future project makes my day (that and the fact that it looks pretty cool in the studio just as it is)!

PageDwellers Christmas 'Ornaments'

I've been away from this blog for MONTHS! I haven't forgotten about it or my art but both require time that I just haven't had. Thought you'd enjoy seeing what the others on our little team created along with my creation. What a fun swap!

Pictures for Tesse