Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paintbox Obsession

I am OBSESSED with paintboxes. I saw a paintbox photo on the web and I wondered how many other photos of paintboxes are out there. Well, I quit after a few hundred pages of browsing but I did manage to save a few of the really nice ones. Thanks to all the folks across the WWW who took the time to share their photo, I enjoyed my little get away! I know, I have more projects in my studio than you can shake a stick at (huh? where did that saying come from???) but sometimes it's just too late to start anything and surfing the web is about all I have the brainpower left to do. So, here's to all you artists out there who love the simplicity of a paintbox and have your own to take out and use as often as you can. Enjoy my little collection I gathered up in the album above. (ok, so there's one photo of wool felted beads that just reminded me of a paintbox.) Ü

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wordle is FUN!

Check it out - Wordle is a fun way to create an image out of any group of words. Give it a try!