Saturday, June 30, 2007

Charms Galore!

I don't think I ever showed you my finished charm bracelet! Kristen did a beautiful job assembling all of the wonderful charms from all of our creative friends. In addition to the charm that I made and described in a previous post, I made the "ART book". It has a few stamped pages for fun. I know now that I should have made it even smaller. I'd like to do another swap like this in the future. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Cones & Butterflies

The cone flowers in our garden are really beautiful this year. Before the rains came, there were lots of butterflies and bumble bees all over the place. Sitting on the front porch, I could hear birds chirpping and little yellow finches flitting about. Last night, a toad (or a frog?) hopped across the driveway and into the garden on the other side. I watched him for a while and saw his long tongue fly out to grab a bug and take a big gulp. It's dark now -- whoa, what was that animal that just ran through the yard? I love livin' in the 'country'!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Christa's Favorite Michael.....

and my favorite Buble song. Enjoy!

But who's version do you like? I think I like Elliott Yamin's better!

More Elliott....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mom's Birthday

Mother's Day, Birthdays and Father's Day creations have consumed all of my creativity lately. Tried something different for Mom's birthday. It's three pieces of matte board hinged together, painted and covered in cheese cloth. The images were printed on matte-finish photo paper that I think I'm liking now. I never cared for the shiny finish but didn't take the time to go buy more paper. Duh. Found some really cheap paper at Staples that even came with a rebate. Today I read about printing images on the shiny side of freezer paper and then transferring them onto polymer clay. I'm off to try that in the next 'spare' moment....whenever that will be!

Happy Birthday, John!

Even though he tried to ignore it, his 60th came along anyway. We celebrated last year with a surprise party so John didn't want anything (and I mean anything) for his big day this year. I couldn't resist making a card using a picture from an old box of pictures from the family collection. It's of a cub scout meeting, some sort of party. I imagined them all saying, "Hooray" for you, John -- you made it!

Mother's Day

Just got around to taking pictures of the 'card' I made for my mom.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Women in Art

Found this the other day on It's from