Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy the slideshow from our chilly Halloween eve! It was warm and windy yesterday but last night the rains came along with the chilly temps (and another, yes, another skunk!). We had a total of 10 trick-or-treaters tonight -- I said 10. That's a tad less than last year (maybe we had 12!). My pumpkin masks are courtesy of Martha Stewart (and mom's stash of black felt!). Bailee is sporting some little devil hair barretts and just hates to have her picture taken. The combo makes for a bad photo session so you're getting the best of what I got. I just had to share pictures of the sunset with you -- it was just so beautiful and fast. By the time I had snapped these, it was dark. Now there is a full moon with witchey clouds blowing by. Hope you had a Happy Halloween, too!

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